The Translation Team

All HELIOS content was researched, written and produced by Dr. Woodrow Kroll.  Currently this content is being translated and produced in these five languages:


ENGLISHWoodrow Kroll — Ashland, Nebraska, USA
After spending years in the classroom and as President of Davis College (Binghamton, NY) and Dean of the School of Religion at Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA), Woodrow Kroll became a “Bible teachers to the world” during the 23 years he served as President and Senior Bible Teacher for the international Bible-teaching radio ministry Back to the Bible.

WHY ENGLISH?   English is the native language of nearly 400,000,000 people, but those who speak English as a second language drive that number to 700,000,000.  Even in economically-challenged countries, people want to learn to speak English.


SPANISHPablo Logacho — Quito, ECUADOR
Raised in a Christian media family, Pablo Logacho is the Bible teacher for the Spanish language broadcast “La Biblia Dice . . . ” which means “The Bible says.”         

WHY SPANISH?    Spanish is spoken by 440,320,916.  That makes Spanish second only to Mandarin as the most frequently-spoken language in the world. It is the predominant language of Central and South America and Spanish-speaking people are now living in many parts of the world, including most states of the USA.


RUSSIANVladimir Lebedev — Khabarovsk, RUSSIA
Vladimir is a pastor from Russia currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Chicago area.  In  Russia Vladimir taught at the Far East Russia Bible College (FERBC) in  Khabarovsk, Russia which is actually East of Siberia.

WHY RUSSIAN?    The Russian language is the eighth most-frequently spoken language in the world, but Russia’s international influence far exceeds the number of Russian speakers. 

BarnabasMANDARIN    “Barnabas”* Hong Kong, CHINA
Barnabas is not his real name and for security purposes we cannot show his face, but Barnabas ministers to 38 different Christian “movements” in China and is now heading up the HELIOS Mandarin team.

WHY MANDARIN?     Many dialects of Chinese are spoken in China, but Mandarin has become “standard Chinese,” the national language spoken by 92 percent of Chinese.  Mandarin is the most-frequently spoken language in the world with 14.4 percent of the world’s population speaking Mandarin. 

SirikulTHAI — Enoch “Nok” Sirikul — Bangkok, THAILAND
Nok is a busy pastor in Bangkok and also the head of Campus Crusade for all of Thailand.  He is heading the HELIOS Thai translation and distribution team for Thailand and from there to other countries of Southeast Asia.      

WHY THAI?    Thailand is one of the more prosperous countries in Southeast Asia and is the key to infiltrating the surrounding countries with Bible teaching, including Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

As funds become available, the next languages on our “immediate translation” list are Hindi, French, Urdu and German, with others to follow.


Nicholas CoughlinThe Translation Team